Greenland Expedition

"On behalf of all expedition’s participants 'Across the snow of Greenland – Greenland 2008', I would like to express many thanks and gratefulness to Mrs. Daniela Speitel and to SANYO Component Europe GmbH, for supplying the expedition with the professional eneloop batteries. The polar expedition, whose main aim it was to cross (traverse) the Greenland, took place in August and September of this year. The Wazari Team Poland: Grzegorz Gontarz, Szymon Gontarz, Piotr Zasko, traveled around 665 km through the biggest glacier of the north globe during 35 days.

Electronic equipment, which we used during the expedition, was supplied by energy from SANYO batteries. eneloop batteries stand the most difficult atmospheric conditions. In spite of extreme low temperatures, which were present through the whole expedition, eneloop batteries were always ready to work, giving long operational time.

Thanks to the support we´re getting, like from Sanyo, the Expedition finished successfully.

Again, thank you very much!!!"


Leader of the expedition:

Grzegorz Gontarz



About the Expedition:

SANYO is proud to support the Greenland expedition of the Wazari Team Poland by providing eneloop batteries for electrical devices. eneloop batteries are preferred by the groups participants, as they are a reliable partner for operations in cold regions and extreme weather conditions. They operate perfectly even with very low temperatures.

The expedition has the aim to mark a new traverse route on Greenland passing the second highest peak of the island. The route will pass from east to west - from the more steep side of the glacier. Furthermore the expedition chooses a controversial time of the year: summertime, which is a rainy and snowy period of the year. The group takes the risk to face problems leaving the glacier near Kangerlussuaq, where melting ice sheets could be a danger.

Kites are used in case of unplanned delays during the expeditions. The general assumption is, that the expedition will cross the glacier by ski and muscular strength. The schedule for the whole expedition through Greenland is 35 days. This means, the group needs to wander over 700 kilometres and climb the highest mountain in the south-east region of the island within only 30 days.

The expedition will begin in mid August 2008 in Isortoq, situated at the East shore of Greenland. Firstly, the expedition will follow north and during the week they want to reach the bottom of mount Forel. On the altitude of 2.200 meters n.p.m. the group will settle their base camp. After that they plan a one day attack on the summit. The next step of the exhibition will be a change of direction to the west. From there, they will follow along latitude 67° N - until the exit from the glacier through "Point 660" - 40 km distance from Kangerlussuaq.

Expedition facts:

- Time of expedition: 09. August - 12. September 2008

- Duration: 35 days

- Distance: 720 km

- Highest point: 3.360 m above sea level



About Greenland

GREENLAND - ice desert...

Greenland is the biggest island on Earth. It´s territory is 6.7 times larger than Poland and 7.8 times smallerthan the biggest country - Russia. 84% of the islands´ surface is covered by ice and creates the biggest glacier after the Antarcticglacier on Earth.


The island was discovered by luck by the Vikings in the X centuryand was named as green land. Till today nobody knows why this name was chosen: maybe the coast of the island once was really green? Maybe the name was brought by the colonizers? Nowadays, Greenland counts 57.1 thousand residents.


The climate on Greenland is polar and only the costs - in the south part of the island - is sub polar region. Temperatures on the glacierare very rearover zero degrees Celsius. During the winter temperatures can fall down to -72 degrees Celsius. Commonly and very strong blows of wind enhance the cold even more. It is rainy in the summertime, which means that it snows regularly.


Beside the residents, Greenland is home for a great variety of polar animals: Reindeers, polar bear, musk fox, polar wolfs and rabbits as well as a bit number of birds colonies. Practically all animals have the characteristic colour of the island - white. The fact is, that animals and residents are settled in the see regions. For that reason, over 80% of Greenlands´ territory is left without any life.



About the Team

Grzegorz Gontarz

Born in 1983, traveller and photographer – between the expeditions: mechanic engineer and student of Warsaw Technical University, engineering faculty. Founder and creator of the Wazari Team Poland. He loves the World with it´s secrets. During the last few years he visited over 30 countries on 3 continents, mostly he discovers Europe, Australia and Oceania. He participated in 7 expeditions: he was exploring wild sides of Iceland, Australia (2 times), New Zealand. Usually he moves by bicycle… The ski are also one of his favourite ways to move – since his first years of childhood he learned to use them in all snow and atmospheric conditions – mostly in the Tatra Mountains. Except the land of eternal ice, old motorization and architecture are his interests. He is radio operator (SQ5NHH) – in critical situations, he supplies the connection to the world.

Szymon Gontarz

Born in 1980, traveller from his birth; all his life has been filled with trainings , so he can move on the ground and the water with less and less limitations. He is endlessly trying to reach places, where nobody has been before… To get this aim he possesses various skills as a instructor of alpine skiing SiTN PZN, competitor of AZS PW (alpine skiing, light athletics), climber (Tatras, Alps, New Zealand Alps, Himalaya) and as a light athlete in long and semi-long runs (he finished the marathon in Hong Kong with great success) and in the water: he owns a motor boat license and has the skills of a water lifeguard. In his youth he tried his strength in Judo, what gives him the background for the good training and the discipline, which is necessary to make a traveler´s dream come true. Szymon is one founder of the Wazari Team Poland. He survived 7 expeditions on 4 continents without any serious injuries. Additionally his technical education and photographic passion lets him fully realize his set aims and relay his delight about the nature, about its beauty and strength to others.

Piotr Zaśko

Born in 1974, traveller, is the doctor of the expedition. He graduated Medical Academy in Lublin. Many thousand kilometres by his bicycle let him visit the most wonderful sides of his country and some European countries (he travelled around Poland, Sardinia, Croatia, …). Systematic swimming supported by running keeps his fitness on a level, which gives him the possibility to train his climbing skills (climbing and Tatra mountaineer course) in the Alps and polish mountains. The Greenland expedition will be an attempt to confirm his present abilities and to fight the difficulties, which are waiting on the biggest island of the Earth.

Grzegorz Gontarz
Szymon Gontarz
Piotr Zaśko